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What is Yoga?

The root of the word yoga is "yuj" which means to yoke, join or unify.  Yoga is a systematic science of the body and mind, the practice of which leads to union between the self and the Self, individual consciousness and the universal consciousness.  There are many paths one can take to reach this union and the most commonly known form of yoga is Hatha Yoga, or the physical practice of postures (asanas) and breathing practices (pranayama) to prepare one for concentration/focus leading to meditation (dharana & dhyana), which eventually leads to higher consciousness (samadhi) where the mind and soul are balanced, still and completely one with the present moment.  

Child Pose

How I teach


I teach Slow Flow yoga with an emphasis on the conscious synchronisation of the breath and mindful movement, leading to a calmer, focused mind and improved physical wellbeing.  As no two bodies are alike, I encourage the use of props, when needed, so that each individual can attain a version of most postures (asanas) with stability and ease (stira sukham). I offer options to accommodate different body types and abilities so that the practice is accessible for everyone. 


My Yin Yoga classes encourage students to decelerate even more and go on an inner journey, focusing on their breath and learning to navigate the sensations that arise during the practice.  I endeavour to guide each student into their own awareness of their practice, while becoming familiar with their own body and breath, finding strength, flexibility, transformation and peace.

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