About me

Born and raised in Bangkok to English and Chinese parents, I'm married to a Norwegian in the Foreign Service and we are currently on a three year posting in Canberra, Australia.  Educated in England and Australia and formerly employed in the hotel  & spa industry, I am privileged to have lived & worked in some amazing locations around the world.  My exposure to different cultures has given me a deep sense of respect and consideration for others, which cultivated my interest in the healing arts.


I have been teaching yoga since 2008, after training first in Beijing, then India where we lived for seven years.  Before moving to Canberra we spent three years back home in Norway where I was employed as head yoga teacher at my local fitness centre.  During my time there, I expanded the yoga program to include Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Senior/Chair Yoga and APD Yoga (Aktiv på Dagtid - classes tailored for those suffering from long term physical and/or mental health issues).  I have also organised and led several yoga retreats in India and Italy, something which I am passionate about as it combines my love of yoga with my love of travel.


I am also a longtime practitioner of Traditional Thai massage and while in Delhi was introduced to Pranic (Energy) Healing which I occasionally incorporate into my massage treatments.  I am currently studying for my Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy in Canberra and am looking forward to certifying and being able to provide even better treatments and care for my clients.