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Retreat Reviews 



♥︎ "Only one month left to register for a fabulous retreat in Italy. I went last year and couldn't wait to sign up again. Not only yoga, although Alison and Savira are amazing, but delicious, authentic, Italian food, wine and olive oil tasting, good walking and brilliant excursions, including the Etruscan city of Bagnoregio, nearby Orvieto of Pinocchio fame, and the thermal spa baths at Fonteverde. You don't even have to do the yoga but I do recommend it"  - Wendy, Brussels (Umbria 2017 & 2018)


♥︎"En fantastisk tur med masse gode opplevelser" - Grete, Mysen (Umbria 2017)

♥︎"It's been fun and soooo relaxing zzzx" - Sandie, London (Umbria 2017)

♥︎" Heldige er vi som fikk være med på yogatur til Italia" - Anne-Kristin, Mysen (Umbria 2017)



♥︎"I have had the pleasure of attending both of the retreats arranged and held by Savira and Alison. I am clearly not a Yoga or meditation devotee but I love the possibility to treat yourself and your body kindly once in a while. To be able to combine exercise, peacefulness topped up with a group of nice people to enjoy the retreat and surroundings with.

It clearly didn't down grade the 4 days that the two ladies, in a beautiful harmony and respect for each others differences, had prepared hardcore yoga positions combined with time for mindfulness.  I think back on both my Yoga retreats with a big smile on my face and would love to do it again"  - Mette, Copenhagen (Goa retreat 2014 & 2015)


♥︎"The last retreat attended with Savira and Alison was a perfect time to relax, rejuvenate and make the most of the nature and my self ! The classes allow the physical body to unlock some tensions well stored and After those few days, I felt the body more fluid, a growth in the yoga practice and of course a relaxed mind. The girls took care of us and for everything with delicate intensions. We had the perfect combination of self time and group time, and of healing  time and  fun time. I would definitely  recommend anyone to attend one of their uplifting retreat. Thank you again ladies ! With love" - Mathilde, Dubai (Goa retreat 2015)

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