Remedial Massage (Student Therapist)

Currently studying Remedial Massage Therapy (diploma) with Evolve College.  I am able to offer from 30-60 minutes free Relaxation Massage as part of my studies and required practice hours.  **Please note this treatment will be filmed via the college's Virtual Clinic. Filming will be paused while you disrobe and get on the table, and at the end of the massage when getting up and dressed again. During treatment your privacy will be completely protected and respected, using specific draping techniques.

Traditional Thai Massage - 1.5 or 2 hours (full body)


**As there is no oil used in Thai Massage, the client remains fully clothed in comfortable, loose clothing throughout the treatment**

A relaxing and restorative massage that begins at the feet and moves up to the head, incorporating acupressure along the meridian lines and rhythmic movements using the thumbs, hands, feet, elbows with body weight as well as gentle stretching of the limbs & twists of the spine.  You will emerge from this treatment feeling refreshed and gently energised. This 90 minute full body treatment is used in Thailand as preventative healing - the premise being that by unblocking the energies in the body the immune system and good health will be stimulated and maintained.

Thai-style back, neck & shoulder massage - 1 hour


For those who are pressed for time, or who prefer a more targeted massage around the neck & shoulders, this treatment will help to unlock all those knots and tension areas in the upper back.  It focuses mainly on the back and shoulders but can be adapted according to requirement.

Thai Reflexology - 1 hour (foot massage)


Reflexology is the stimulation of the organs of the body via acupressure points on the feet and legs. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated and can aid in relieving all sorts of ailments including headaches, stomach bugs and menstrual pain.  Includes brief neck & shoulder rub.